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US Excellence Økologisk Garvet Trense - Sort

DKK 1.799,00

Nr. 61003-4

Ergonomic bridle made in black Montar leather.

Give your horse freedom to perform!

The US Excellence bridle has a specially developed head piece with an adjustable strap on the back, which enables the cheek pieces to be optimally adjusted - for a perfect fit of the bridle along the horse's ears and cheek. The particularly soft padding in combination with the gap on the top of the headpiece minimizes the pressure on the sensitive neck and ear area.

The soft curves of the Excellence noseband is designed to avoid pressure on the sensitive mouth and jaw area of the horse, while the back strap keeps the noseband in the correct place while riding. The high backstrap makes room for the bit to move unrestricted and gives you direct contact to the horse. Soft padding is added to the noseband to limit the pressure on the bridge of the nose.

The classic leather browband has soft padding and an elegant curve to highlight the expression of the horse. All Montar browbands are easy to remove and can be changed even when the bridle is in use.

All outer loops are lined with rubber, so you never have to bother with loose straps while riding.

Reins sold separately.