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Normandie Double Økologisk Garvet Trense - Brun

DKK 2.199,00

Nr. 62801-8

Top comfort brown double bridle with an elegant look!

Classic and ergonomic double bridle made in Montar leather with stainless steel buckles.

Normandie’s open headpiece lets the bridle adjust to the unique shape of every horse. Thanks to the V-gap and the soft padding at the sides, the neck can move freely for each step and let even the most sensitive horse relax and focus on following rider directions.

The noseband has pullback closing with a softly padded cushion to protect the jaw bones.

The classic browband is designed with a soft padding and an elegant curve to highlight the expression of the horse. All Montar browbands are easy to remove and can be changed even when the bridle is in use.

All outer loops are lined with rubber so you never have to bother with loose straps while riding.

Reins sold separately.

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